Supernatural Meme
Dean and Ruby
 When did you start watching Supernatural?

I started watching Supernatural when the Pilot first aired.

What made you want to watch it?

Jared Padalecki. No lie. Loved him as Dean on Gilmore Girls and was already a big fan of his so I knew I'd at least check out the Pilot of Supernatural just because he was one of the stars. Also I heard about the premise of the show and it just sounded way too awesome so of course I just had to see it.

Who is your favourite character?

Ugh I hate questions like this. How do you choose just one? Well, alright, I'd have to say that Sam Winchester is my favorite male, but not by much since I absolutely love Dean as well. As far as my favorite female goes, that automatically goes to Mrs. Dean Winchester..erm..I mean..Blonde Ruby.

What is/are your favourite episode/s?
Hell House: I've seen this episode so many times, I could almost quote it.
Changing Channels: No explanation needed lol.
Bad Day at Black Rock: "I'm Batman" "Yeah, right, you're Batman" "I lost my shoe" So many great quotes. Oh and can't forgot the end with the ad libbed "Son of a bitch!" from Dean and Jared nearly breaking character by laughing.
Malleus Maleficarum: The episode where Dean finally meets the love of his life. This also rates as my favorite Ruby episode.
A Very Supernatural Christmas: A Holiday Episode? With the boys? Epic! Only downside was there was no Ruby.
..and tons more that I don't feel like listing because this post will go on forever if I do

What is/are your least favourite episode/s?
Abandon All Hope: Ellen and Jo..and the look on Dean's face when they went BOOM. The whole episode just broke my heart.
Bugs: Creeps me the hell out every damn time.

Exile on Main Street: Dean was all domesticated and so out of his element. First appearance of the Campbells. Okay, so Mark was pretty cool. 
...and a bunch more that I can't really think of off the top of my head.

Who was your least favourite character they ran into?
Hmm.. Samuel, Gwen, Christian, Cassie, Gordon, Tara, ...need I go on?

What is your favourite quote?
So hard to just pick one from five and a half season's worth. I'm going to have to go with a recent one though. It's from 'The French Mistake'.
Dean: You heard my brother. That's right, I said "brother." 'cause you know what, Bob? We're not actors. We're hunters. We're the Winchesters. Always have been and always will be. And where we're from, people don't know who we are. But you know what? We mattered in that world. In fact, we even saved a son of a bitch once or twice.

There was just something about that speech of Dean's that really hit me and I love the fact that he admitted that in their world, he and Sam mattered. 

Evil!Dean? or Evil!Sam?
Well, we've never really seen much of Evil!Dean. Then again, does it get more evil than having Lucifer use you as a vessel? Evil!Sam wins this hands down.

John or Sam?
Hmm, well if you are talking JDM verson John or Jared's Sam than I totally choose Sam. Don't know if I could really choose if you are talking Matt Cohen version John or Jared's Sam though. Love them both.

Demon or Meg?

I assume that means the Yellow Eyed Demon or Meg, so I pick Meg cause she kind of rocked (plus she's hotter).

Huge freaky knife or shot gun?
I'm assuming you aren't talking about Ruby's knife here then. Hmm, I'll go with shotgun.

What's the worst (scariest) thing they've run into?
Oh the damn Benders hands down. All the other monsters are scary, but when you have actual non possessed human beings doing what the Benders did...I don't even think worst or scariest can even cover it.

Metallicar or Truckzilla?
No contest, the Metallicar rocks! Impala all the way.

Best J² moment?
Anytime Sam and Dean hug. Oh and the "BItch! Jerk!" thing.

Funniest moment would have to be?
The Prank war in "Hell House" was hilarious. Also the entire "Changing Channels" episode.


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